Management Actions

  • News Release: 2013 Egg Addling Program Underway

      News Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 8, 2013 Egg Addling Controls Goose Population In a continued effort to control the Canada Goose population in the Okanagan Valley, the Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program is about to begin its annual egg addling program. Over the past six years, this program has prevented the exponential increase of the non-migratory resident goose population that inhabits the valley all year long.

  • Leg bands!

    In 2012 and 2013 with great thanks to a funding grant from the Western Canada Turfgrass Association (2012) and staff time donated by LaHawk Ltd and Wise Wildlife Control (2012 and 2013), we were able to mark geese wtih leg bands.  The leg band data will be used to help us better understand questions on local movements and nesting patterns of geese.  They will also contribute to our understanding of population size and survival. We captured geese during our "goose-round-ups" in ...

  • Population Surveys

    Post-nesting ground surveys are conducted during June to identify areas that may have been missed during the addling season.  We also use the data to estimate what percentage of the population is comprised of goslings.  In 2014 this number was 9.5%.  This is well below levels normally seen in an urban goose population (up to 50% or more!); however, we know we are still missing nests, which can only be found and addled if  reported and we have ...