Report a Band

Since 2012, a select number of Canada Geese within the Okanagan Valley have been fixed with coloured leg bands. The leg band data will be used to help us better understand questions on local movements and nesting patterns of geese. They will also contribute to our understanding of population size and survival. 

Band colours associated with the OVGMP include unmarked RED, WHITE and GREEN bands and alphanumeric black on YELLOWand white on LIGHT BLUE markers. 

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Band Information
If recorded, please provide the alphanumeric band code (yellow and light blue bands only).
If recorded, please provide the CWS/USFW Band Code (silver band).
Observation Details
Please provide as much specific details as possible (e.g. address, GPS coordinates etc.) as field crews use this information to follow-up and assess nests. Please use the most appropriate fields for providing the nest location details.

If coordinates of the observed banded geese are available, please record this using the relevant field below. Note: Coordinates are not required.

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