Our History

The Okanagan Valley Goose Management Committee was formed in 1995 to address ways to minimize the impact of geese within an urban environment. This committee is comprised of representatives from municipalities, regional districts and interested stakeholders with a common goal of managing the Okanagan Valley Canada Goose Population to reduce conflict between people and Canada Geese. In 2006 the committee endorsed an Action Plan with strategies to manage Canada Geese. In addition, the committee has developed a Mission Statement and Program Objectives to guide the management program.

Mission Statement

To maintain a naturally sustainable level of resident geese in the Okanagan Valley and to minimize the risk to human health and safety.  

Program Objectives

  • To reduce the risk of potential human harm due to contamination of water and other public resources.
  • To reduce goose populations to naturally sustainable levels (i.e. sufficient native habitat to support the goose population without problematic use of public park and urban lands)
  • To return goose behaviour to a native condition (i.e. fear of humans and do not approach for food).
  • To educate people on the importance of allowing geese to remain wild (i.e. do not feed or shelter wild geese).