Action Plan

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Problems with Resident Canada Geese

Canada Geese are very adaptable to urban settings and thrive in habitats intended for human use such as beaches, parks, and playing fields.  Recent concerns for public health, the local economy and the natural environment have prompted the development of an Action Plan to control problems associated with the increasing goose population in the Okanagan Valley.

Action Plan

The Action Plan is based on  five main strategies:

  1. Public Awareness and Involvement 
    • Public information including a website, toll-free access, and distributing information regarding the management of the Canada Goose population
  2. Reduced Goose Use In Conflict Areas 
    • Use tactics such as scaring and habitat modification to deter geese from using sensitive public areas
  3. Population Control 
    • Egg-addling Program–using the addling protocol endorsed by the US Humane Society for reducing the number of geese that enter the population each year
  4. Monitoring
    • Goose numbers in key conflict areas, particularly in the summer
    • Juvenile recruitment (i.e., the number of young)
    • Annual summer population numbers
  5. Program Administration 
    • Raise the profile of the Okanagan Valley Goose Management Program through signage, media, and other public information outlets
    • Expand stakeholder participation
    • Annually evaluate and refine the program