Authorization In Lieu of Form

For all egg addling activities,  landowners reporting nest locations are required to provide authorization for the OVGMP to conduct addling on their property. The required authorization form can be downloaded here.

The following submission form is intended to streamline authorizations, particularly in the event of absentee landowners.

Contact Information

Property Information for Authorized Access

Authorization In Lieu of Form

Declaration By completing the form elements below, the undersigned land owner, manager, or leasee, hereby:
  1. Confirm that I am the land owner, manager, or leasee for the above identified location;
  2. Confirm that the above information is true and accurate as of the date of submission;
  3. Attest that the damage and/or danger being caused by migratory birds is serious;
  4. Authorize the undersigned designated permit applicant/holder to act on my behalf for the purposes of migratory bird Management and/or in support of the implementation of a migratory bird management plan; and,
  5. Grant permission to the aforementioned permit holder to access my property for conducting the permitted activities.

Please note that, OVGMP will, at it’s discretion, attempt to verify landowner authorizations prior to accessing properties and requests that all appropriate contact information be provided.


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