Population Surveys

Post-nesting ground surveys are conducted during June to identify areas that may have been missed during the addling season.  We also use the data to estimate what percentage of the population is comprised of goslings.  In 2014 this number was 9.5%.  This is well below levels normally seen in an urban goose population (up to 50% or more!); however, we know we are still missing nests, which can only be found and addled if  reported and we have access to land throughout the valley. In addition, these data allow us to model population projections of the Okanagan Valley Canada Goose Population.  In doing so, we can evaluate our management techniques and  plan for subsequent seasons.

In June and July (2014) we conducted aerial surveys.  The good news is that the population has not increased since the last surveys in 2011.  Without  population control measures such as egg addling, the goose population would be increasing at an exponential rate.  However,  work still needs to be done to keep flattening population growth. Currently the population is estimated at approximately 2500-3500 geese.

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